Volume One – Opportunities await in Eau Claire

So you’re in to Communication and Journalism and you’re probably thinking one of the following things:

  1. @##*& (Insert expletive here) print journalism is dying! I’m in trouble.
  2. Psh. Eau Claire? I need to go to a REAL city in order to really get involved in Communication and Journalism
  3. You and your family are actually happy and confident about your choice to pursue a profitable and stable career in this field.

Just kidding. That last one doesn’t exist.

But seriously, communication and journalism opportunities are abound in the Eau Claire area. Here at CVSPA we would like to profile some marvelous institutions that you should check out. First up is Volume One.

Volume One, an arts and entertainment publication, is a community staple of Eau Claire. Every-other week heralds the arrival of a new publication detailing the various local events, arts news and more. Each volume features a new handmade cover put together by one of the area’s many artists and is distributed throughout Eau Claire, Menomenie, Chippewa Falls and beyond.

Volume One has a history of partnership with the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. In fact several alumni have risen through the ranks to run the magazine and regularly give back to the local community and reach out to university life.

The arts magazine offers several rotating internships to the surrounding community including those that focus on photography, editorial writing, technical writing, web content, illustration and more. We encourage you to check them out here!

Welcome to our Blog!

We at CVSPA are so excited to get this year’s event rolling!

We have so much in store for this year’s group of participants including workshops with local communications and journalist organizations, inspirational speakers from the CJ field and an amazing chance to network with various professionals on and off campus.

If you live in the Chippewa Valley Area please have your school register as soon as possible – registration is 25$ per school and each school can send an unlimited number of students. However space is limited so make sure to send your registration as soon as possible.

Also keep an eye on this space! We will be updating with more information about workshops, guest speakers, award opportunities and more.

If you have questions feel free to contact us at cvspa2012@gmail.com and we will get back to you within 48 hours.